Three Things A Mother Needs To Do In Order To Regain Custody Of Her Child

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If you are a parent who has lost custody of their child, you likely want to regain custody. However, once the courts have taken away your child, it is not always easy to get your child back. The good news is that it is not only possible, but it happens routinely in family courts. It is imperative to seek legal advice from a family attorney, but the following are a few general things you will need to do to regain custody.

25 January 2022

Steps That Occur Before The Trial When Facing Criminal Charges

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A criminal charge is something that a court brings against a person when they believe the person committed a crime. If the court brings charges against you for something, you will have to complete some steps. One of the last steps is a trial, but you will have many things to do before your case ever makes it to trial. Here are some of the things you will need to do before your trial if you are facing criminal charges.

15 December 2021

Who Can Be The Target Of A Medical Malpractice Claim Or Suit?

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Modern medicine often presents a challenge to people who are pursuing malpractice claims. So many practices, organizations, and professionals are typically involved in care that you can have a hard time determining who a claim or lawsuit should target. Before you file a claim, you'll want to know you're looking at the right parties. Let's explore who you may be able to take action against and how a medical malpractice lawyer is likely to handle the problem.

8 November 2021

Sole Proprietors, Should You Choose Chapter 11 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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Could your business be saved by filing for bankruptcy protection? While most Americans think of bankruptcy as the liquidation of assets in order to pay debts and receive immediate discharge, bankruptcy also includes options that allow you to continue paying some debts while receiving many of the same protections. Sole proprietors can generally access these options by filing either Chapter 11 or Chapter 13. Here's when you might consider each different chapter.

28 September 2021

Who Needs An Estate Planning Attorney?

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Once upon a time, estate planning was something reserved for the rich and famous. However, most people who have property or assets to leave behind to friends and family, today, can benefit from consulting an estate planning attorney. You might be surprised to learn that your family can benefit from the tactics and advise your estate planning attorney providers. So, who needs an estate planning attorney? Chances are, you do!

25 August 2021

What Are Personal Injury Lawyers?

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Getting injured is stressful enough on its own. Getting injured and going through a personal injury court case on your own is even more stressful. It may sound like the smart route to go to avoid attorney costs, but if you find yourself stuck in a personal injury case, don't hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer.  What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer? A personal injury lawyer is the type of lawyer that will have your back and represent you if you have been injured by another person or company.

21 July 2021

Why You Need A Lawyer If You Are Declared "Inadmissible"

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To protect the United States, certain types of individuals may be considered inadmissible. This generally includes those who have a history of crime or who might be known to have engaged in terrorist activities. Also, those who have infectious diseases cannot be admitted into the United States. These conditions are known as "grounds for inadmissibility." If you are considered inadmissible, you will want to speak with an immigration attorney if you would like to enter the United States.

18 June 2021

Legal Mistakes A Lawyer Can Help You Avoid When Closing A Real Estate Deal

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If you intend to sell or purchase a residential property, you are required to be vigilant throughout the process. This is especially vital when you are dealing with legal matters as they will determine if the transaction is done correctly or not. Working with a real estate attorney can help make things easy since you likely don't know much about how legal transactions are handled. You probably lack the experience and knowledge that's required to close such deals successfully.

13 May 2021

Legal Steps Medical Malpractice Victims Should Take After Getting Sick or Injured

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There are many situations that involve medical malpractice. Patients may have been given the wrong dose of medication or maybe a surgical technique wasn't executed as it should have been. If you're a victim and want the right legal actions taken that favor your side, do these things. Don't Make Contact With Guilty Party Just Yet It may seem natural to get in touch with the party that caused your medical malpractice situation, whether it was a nurse or doctor.

15 March 2021

Working With A Family Attorney To Determine Child Custody

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Child custody can be challenging to work through if you are going through a separation or divorce. It is crucial to consider the child's welfare and how custody affects the parents, but many times a third party, like a child custody attorney, is required to ensure that happens.  Determining Custody When the time comes to determine a child's custody, it is critical to look at the entire situation on both sides.

15 March 2021