Strategies To Ensure The Success Of Your Slip And Fall Injury Case

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A slip and fall injury case can be complex. To ensure the success of your claim, you need to work with an experienced attorney who understands the process and is prepared to help you through every step of the way. Here are some strategies your attorney can use to maximize the chances of success in your slip and fall injury case. Thoroughly Investigate the Accident After a slip and fall accident, you need to investigate the scene of the incident.

21 February 2023

Who Hit Who? Understanding Fault After An Accident

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Chances are, you will think about who was at fault for your accident sooner or later. If your injuries are severe, you might have other things on your mind. However, fault is an extremely important part of an accident case. To find out how fault can affect your case, how it can be determined, and more, read on. Fault Can Make Or Break Your Case Although auto insurance can be viewed as a great equalizer, fault does matter if you want to go beyond being paid for all your damages.

19 January 2023

How Can Probate Lawyers Help You Attack A Will That Disinherits You?

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When a loved one dies, their will represents the final wishes they wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, wills can be challenged in court and disputed by family members who feel that they were not given a fair share of an inheritance. For this legal action to be successful, an individual must have grounds on which to attack the validity of the will. Probate lawyers can help you determine if any of these five grounds exist in your situation and build a strong case against the will.

22 December 2022

The Divorce Settlement: What To Know

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When you settle a legal case, that means that the case has come to an end and all parties agree to the provisions. To learn more about this important milestone in the divorce process, read on. Common Divorce Issues Divorcing couples share issues in common. Below are some of the most common things couples argue about during the divorce process: Child custody and visitation Who pays the debts of the marriage Which party gets marital property (particularly the family home) Who gets the family pet Settlement Conferences

26 October 2022

Probate Lawyers: How To Choose One

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Whether you are the family of the deceased or a personal representative (executor), a probate lawyer is key. They can guide you through the confusing probate process at a time when you may already be feeling stressed. Choose the right lawyer by reading below. Get Recommendations Most people are eager to share their experiences with a probate lawyer they've used. Ask friends and coworkers if they have recommendations. That can help you narrow down your list of potential candidates.

26 October 2022

Critical Measures To Take When Pursuing Payments For Injuries Caused By Prescription Drugs

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Healthcare professionals are obligated to exercise care when prescribing and offering drugs. Failure to do so can result in medication errors, which could lead you to take the wrong medicine or dosage. Unfortunately, such mistakes can cause you to suffer severe harm. If this happens, you can get justice and compensation for your losses. To this end, it would help to take the following steps to increase your chances of getting your rightful payment.

4 October 2022

Home Loan Relief

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If the COVID-19 pandemic affected your finances and you have been unable to make your mortgage payments in a timely manner, you may be at risk of facing foreclosure in the future. A loan modification process can reduce the amount that you owe your lender. Additionally, you may be able to stop the foreclosure process. Lenders And Terms A lender's objective is to provide funding for a defined term limit. If money is not paid back on time, interest is accrued.

7 September 2022

Can You Object To Requests For Discovery In Your Lawsuit?

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The legal process of discovery is unfamiliar to most people. But when you must pursue a case against an insurance company through litigation, discovery — the ability to obtain certain information or documents from the opposing side — is key to building a strong case.  However, not all requests for information are allowable. You and your attorneys have the right to object to specific interrogatories, document requests, or admissions. On what basis might you object to a request?

8 August 2022

When Distracted Driving Causes An Accident

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All car accidents can be bad. However, it can be particularly irritating to find out that you were hit by another driver and hurt because they were distracted by a device. Distracted driving has quickly become a major problem for those trying to share the roads with others. Read on to find out more. Make the Driver Pay Distracted drivers using a phone to text can be found negligent. Negligence means that the driver failed to use due care and their actions rose above simple carelessness.

13 July 2022

4 Questions About Using A Notary

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Do you need to have legal documents notarized, but have never used a notary before? If so, it will help to know more about this occupation. What Is A Notary?  While most people are used to signing documents and not thinking much of it, there are some cases where a document must be certified that you are the actual person that is putting their signature on the line. This is where a notary comes in to help you out.

13 June 2022