Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Tax Attorney

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Do you have an issue with your current property tax assessment? Are you trying to keep your tax bill down on the real estate you own or hoping to use real estate in a way that can shelter you from some taxes? These are all reasons why you might want to look into working with a real estate tax attorney. The right attorney can help you with a variety of different things when it comes to real estate and taxes.

Correct or Appeal an Assessment 

Did your latest property tax assessment come back too high? If you believe the assessment is incorrect or not fair in some way, you may be able to appeal. Having an attorney on your side for the appeal process can give you a better chance of success. A tax attorney with expertise in real estate will know what it takes to make an appeal successful and may be able to point out specific parts of the assessment that are not correct or that someone needs to take another look at.

Deal With a Tax Lien

A real estate tax attorney can also help you if you find yourself in a bad spot with your property taxes. Perhaps you've had a tax lien filed against your property or maybe you are even moving toward foreclosure. With a tax attorney to negotiate on your behalf, you may be able to get out from under this situation. The parties involved may be willing to negotiate or set up a payment plan for you. If push comes to shove and you need to go to court, an attorney can make sure you are prepared.

Obtain Exemptions to Lower Your Taxes

There may be other ways to reduce the amount of taxes you pay every year on real estate beyond going after your assessment. There could be property tax exemptions you don't even know about that you might qualify for. A real estate tax attorney will be aware of what is available to you based on the property you own or other factors like your veteran status, your age, or additional criteria.

Set Up Estate Planning

If you are beginning estate planning and preparing to pass real estate on to someone else, a tax attorney can ensure you do everything by the book. Your attorney may also be able to protect your assets in some way that will result in the government taking less of a cut of your estate after you pass.

Speak to a real estate tax attorney to learn more. 


24 March 2023