Probate Lawyers: How To Choose One

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Whether you are the family of the deceased or a personal representative (executor), a probate lawyer is key. They can guide you through the confusing probate process at a time when you may already be feeling stressed. Choose the right lawyer by reading below.

Get Recommendations

Most people are eager to share their experiences with a probate lawyer they've used. Ask friends and coworkers if they have recommendations. That can help you narrow down your list of potential candidates.

Check Their Expertise

Some lawyers are involved in almost every type of law. You might find probate lawyers that also work with those who are divorcing, arrested, or filing for bankruptcy. While there is nothing wrong with lawyers who work in more than one field, make sure you get the attention you need if you hire such a lawyer.

Many lawyers that work in the probate field also have expertise in estate planning, real estate, and other related fields. Lawyers like that can be ideal since they have a wide grasp of general knowledge about estate matters.

Personality Matters

When dealing with the death of a loved one, look for a lawyer that is easy to speak with, has a sympathetic ear, and understands what you are going through. Particularly if you expect to be appointed the personal representative, pay close attention to issues like communication and availability. Personal representatives work closely with probate lawyers to administer the estate. They will need advice often and sometimes quickly when dealing with estate matters and emergencies.

For example, the personal representative of the estate may need to contact the lawyer about using funds from the estate to deal with damage to a roof. One major duty of the personal representative is to preserve estate property like a home from damage.


Estate matters can be costly. Probate filing fees, which are owed to the county probate court when the will is filed, can be one cost. Other costs include real estate transfer fees, personal representative bonds, and the probate lawyer's fees. In many cases, the court fees and the lawyer's fees are combined.

Your probate lawyer should give you an estimate of the expected cost. The figure quoted, however, may only include the cost for an ordinary probate case. If litigation is involved, you will owe more. Litigation can be called for when someone contests the will or makes a claim against the estate.

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26 October 2022