2 Questions You Will Need To Answer When Meeting With A Slip-And-Fall Attorney


After slipping, falling, and getting hurt, you may be injured and trying to recover. Part of the recovery process involves holding certain people accountable for the accident that occurred, especially if their negligence is the reason you slipped in the first place. If you are going to meet with a slip-and-fall attorney who takes on these types of cases, you are going to need to answer a few important questions.

25 April 2019

The State's Responsibilities In Pursuing A Criminal Matter


Standing accused of wrongdoing or even being investigated in a matter can leave you feeling confused. How do you defend yourself when someone who works for the government says you may have committed a crime? Fortunately, the government, generally referred to in court filings as "the state," has a number of responsibilities it must fulfill before it can take you to court and prosecute you. Let's take a look at those responsibilities in the way a criminal law attorney would.

20 March 2019

Three Things An American Citizen Should Know About Marrying A Foreign National


If you are an American citizen and are planning to marry a foreigner, there are certain things you should know because there are many misunderstandings about how the process works. The following are just a few things that you may not be aware of. Your spouse must be in the country legally It is a common misconception that if an American citizen marries a person who is in the country illegally, this person automatically becomes a legal resident and can then obtain a green card.

11 September 2018

FAQ About Getting Legal Help After Suffering Injuries In A Collision


Did a reckless driver change your life after a collision left you with severe injuries? If you now require frequent medical treatment, it can lead to numerous bills accumulating and cause a financial bind. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer and request compensation from the other party for what he or she has caused you to go through. This article has answers to questions that you might have in regards to how a lawyer can assist with your case.

15 July 2016

Answering Two Questions About Criminal Cases


When a person is unfortunate enough to be facing a criminal charge, it can be one of the more stressful and confusing experiences in their life. Due to the potentially dire consequences that can follow a conviction, it is important for you to be as informed as possible throughout this process. To this end, you should be sure to know the answers to the following couple of common questions about criminal proceedings to help you be prepared to make sound decisions throughout this process.

15 April 2016

How Does Alcohol Use Or Abuse Influence Your Immigration Status?


If you show noticeable signs of having abused alcohol, including arrests for alcohol-related crimes like driving under the influence or health issues related to excessive alcohol consumption, you may have trouble getting a visa to the U.S. If you're already in the country while seeking or holding green card status, you could face deportation. But the standard of alcohol abuse impacting your immigration status may be changing. Alcohol Abuse Will No Longer Factor Into Your Immigration Status

30 March 2016

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim?


Each state has slight variations on who can file a wrongful death claim, and who can collect funds from a wrongful death settlement. It's not always easy to figure out, hence, the differing laws. In Washington, there are three main parties with the right to file a claim on a decedent's behalf. A spouse (or legal domestic partner) A child of the decedent (including a stepchild) A representative of the decedent's estate These represent the most traditional avenues, but not everyone has a spouse or child.

8 September 2015

Understanding How Social Media Can Affect Divorce


If you are going through a bitter divorce, you will want to make sure that your soon-to-be ex-spouse has very little that can be used against you in a court of law. This is why, once you file for divorce, you should make sure that your social media profiles do not contain any pictures or updates that could be used negatively against you in court. Here are some tips for using social media smartly during your divorce.

18 August 2015

The Best Legal Defenses Against Perjury


After you have sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, everything that you say afterward will be considered either truth or perjury. Perjury can only occur when you are under oath and perjury only applies to statements you make. If a perjury charge happens to come up during your legal case, then your lawyer may need to defend you. Argue That You Believed You Told the Truth

21 July 2015

Steps To Take If You Are Injured In A Fall At A Convenience Store


Convenience stores can definitely make life easier—it is nice to be able to quickly get in and out of a small store instead of making a trip to a supermarket. But like all retailers, convenience stores are required to ensure that the premises are reasonably safe for customers. One of the most common injuries suffered by convenience store customers are the result of slip and fall accidents, which can cause serious damage to a person.

3 June 2015