FAQ About Getting Legal Help After Suffering Injuries In A Collision


Did a reckless driver change your life after a collision left you with severe injuries? If you now require frequent medical treatment, it can lead to numerous bills accumulating and cause a financial bind. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer and request compensation from the other party for what he or she has caused you to go through. This article has answers to questions that you might have in regards to how a lawyer can assist with your case.

Will a Lawyer Accept Any Auto Accident Case?

You will have to explain your situation before a lawyer will decide if he or she should accept the case. The lawyer will basically want to make sure that you have a good argument against the other party. During the initial consultation, you will be asked several questions about the accident. For instance, the lawyer might ask if you were doing anything that can put you at fault, such as adjusting the radio or not paying attention to the road. You should not assume that you will automatically win the case base on an accident report that is in your favor.

What if the Other Party Denies Being At Fault?

Your lawyer will do several things to prove that you are not at fault, including getting a copy of the accident report. He or she will also stop by the area of the accident scene to get a better idea of what happened. You might be asked to accompany him or her to the accident scene so you can tell your story in more detail. The lawyer will search for nearby businesses that may have captured the collision on video surveillance, as well as find possible witnesses.

How Much Compensation Can Be Requested?

Whatever can be proven that you deserve is able to be compensated. For instance, if you had to stop working due to the nature of your injuries, you can get compensated for lost wages. Having to experience such trauma also makes you eligible to get paid for your pain and suffering. Your medical needs will make up a large portion of what you are compensated for. You can request payment for any medical bills that have already been paid, as well as future medical expenses in regards to your injuries.

Is There a Way to Avoid Going to Court?

If the other party is cooperative and agrees to settle the dispute through mediation, court can be avoided. However, the matter must be heard in court if mediation does not go well. Hire a lawyer from a company like The Jaklitsch Law Group to get justice for your injuries and trauma as soon as you can.


15 July 2016