2 Questions You Will Need To Answer When Meeting With A Slip-And-Fall Attorney


After slipping, falling, and getting hurt, you may be injured and trying to recover. Part of the recovery process involves holding certain people accountable for the accident that occurred, especially if their negligence is the reason you slipped in the first place. If you are going to meet with a slip-and-fall attorney who takes on these types of cases, you are going to need to answer a few important questions.

How Did You Slip?

When you are injured because you slipped and fell, you should be prepared to talk to an attorney about what happened. If you hit your head and suffered from a concussion, you may not remember all the details leading up to the fall. However, if you were injured in other ways, there is a possibility that you remember exactly what happened, whether you slipped on ice outside of a person's home, slipped at the mall due to a wet floor without proper warning signage, or even slipped outside of an apartment complex due to poor sidewalk conditions. You should talk to your attorney about the details of the accident. While it is may be your word against the defendant's word, other people may have witnessed what happened and your fall might have even been caught on camera, depending on where it happened.

How Were You Injured?

People can sustain a variety of different injuries when they slip and end up falling. The injuries you might sustain depend on where you were when you fell, how hard you hit the ground, and which way you landed when you fell. Some injuries are much more severe than others. You should talk to your attorney about the issues you have had since the fall, such as broken bones, a concussion, or even a dislocation. If you went to the hospital because of the extent of those injuries, they should be properly documented by the medical staff. Aside from telling your attorney about the injuries, you can provide proof in the form of medical documents and images, including photos that may have been taken immediately after the fall and X-rays that were taken in the hospital.

If you are going to meet with an attorney who handles slip and fall cases, you should be prepared to answer these two essential questions. The attorney needs to know how you initially slipped and got hurt in the first place as well as the extent of the different injuries you have since sustained. Knowing this information makes it even easier for your attorney to represent you and tell your side of the story when you are seeking compensation.


25 April 2019