3 Important Things To Do After A Bicycle Accident

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Many individuals who ride bicycles do so out of sheer enjoyment or for exercise. There are also cyclists who rely on their bikes as a mode of transportation. The average individual does not expect to get on their bike and get involved in an accident. It is easy to realize that a bicycle is not a match for a vehicle. Cyclists who get involved in these accidents can have a wide range of injuries. Some of them end in fatalities. 

These accidents are sometimes caused by negligent drivers, and the injured cyclist or their family may be entitled to compensation. Personal injury laws vary, but they are very clear about negligent actions being compensable. The following points highlight what cyclists should do if they get involved in an accident assuming they are conscious afterward. 

Contact Police

This is an important step because the police will make a police report about the accident. It is not uncommon for victims to have damaged personal property after these accidents. If the cyclist's phone gets broken or missing after the accident, they can ask bystanders to make the call. Sometimes the driver will voluntarily make a call even if the victim does too. Depending on the extent of the injuries, emergency personnel may decide to transport the victim from the scene before the police arrive. 

Gather Information

If the cyclist is coherent and not in immediate danger, they can gather information such as the driver's name and contact information. This is also a good time to get insurance and license plate information. Victims can use bystanders to their advantage because many are eager to help after witnessing these incidents. The police report filed should have this information on it, but it is wise for victims to have it handy themselves. It can take a few days for a police report to be available. Individuals who have working phones can record footage of the surroundings after the accident.

Seek Emergency Medical Care

It is rare for cyclists to be involved in these accidents and not sustain injuries. However, if an individual has this good fortune, they should still seek emergency medical care. It is possible to have hidden injuries such as neck or back injuries. Bruises and fractures may also be discovered hours or days later. 

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource for injured cyclists to use. If a cyclist expires as the result of one of these tragic accidents, their closest relative(s) may be able to get compensated for a wrongful death lawsuit. Lawyers are abreast with state laws. Insurance companies want to handle these complex cases expeditiously. A lawyer can negotiate settlements on behalf of victims or their families. To learn more about how a personal injury lawyer can help you after a bicycle accident, contact a local professional near you.


17 July 2023