Thinking About Divorce? Consult A Divorce Attorney First

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If you're thinking about divorcing your spouse but don't know if it's the right thing to do, consult a divorce attorney soon. Divorce is one of the biggest problems couples face today. Although divorce may seem like the best way to end a troubled relationship or marriage, it may not be in every case. Before you move forward with your divorce, learn why it's important to consult a divorce attorney before you do so below. 

What Could Happen Without an Attorney?

If your spouse still wishes to save your marriage, they may not want to divorce you right now. Your spouse may even contest the divorce after petitioning the court for it. A contested divorce can be stressful for both parties involved, particularly you. 

The majority of divorces fall under the uncontested category. During uncontested divorces, both spouses legally agree to end their marriage in a court of law. The individuals also agree to split and share custody of their children and assets without issue. However, contested divorces can be difficult to get through if one party doesn't want to dissolve the marriage, share custody of the children, or divide the assets equally. 

In many states, contested divorces can take longer to complete than uncontested divorces can. If you wish to move on with your life and share custody of your children right away, a contested divorce may prevent you from doing so.

If you don't have a divorce attorney assisting you with the process, it may take even longer to carry out. 

What Could Happen With an Attorney?

If you consult an attorney before you divorce your spouse, you may be able to prevent or get through the problems above better. An attorney can help you complete your divorce paperwork properly before you file them in court.

Most courts require petitioners to list their reasons, or grounds, for divorce on their forms. If your grounds for divorce seem cruel, callous, or uncaring, a court may not grant your divorce. Some states require couples to seek marriage counseling before they file for divorce. If you don't want to complete counseling and wish to move forward with the divorce, an attorney can help you do so. 

An attorney may also need to obtain a list of your assets before you file for divorce. If you and your spouse share assets, an attorney must ensure each person receives their fair share during the divorce proceedings. If a lawyer doesn't go over the assets correctly, the other spouse may obtain more than their fair share afterward.

Learn more by contacting a local divorce attorney.


12 June 2023