Steps That Occur Before The Trial When Facing Criminal Charges

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A criminal charge is something that a court brings against a person when they believe the person committed a crime. If the court brings charges against you for something, you will have to complete some steps. One of the last steps is a trial, but you will have many things to do before your case ever makes it to trial. Here are some of the things you will need to do before your trial if you are facing criminal charges.

Get Out of Jail

If your criminal charges led to an arrest, you might need to work on getting out of jail before you do anything else. If you need help getting out of jail, talk to a criminal law attorney or call a bail bond agent. You might also want to call a few relatives or friends to see if they will help you pay your bail. While you can face your charges from jail, you will have more freedom and fewer challenges to face if you can get out of jail now instead of later.

Hire a Criminal Law Attorney

At this point, you might also benefit from looking for a good criminal law attorney to hire. As you search for one, make sure you choose one that is local and knows the court system you will use for your charges. You might also want to make sure your lawyer knows the branch of law that you face with your charges. Finding an experienced lawyer is always helpful when facing criminal charges.

Attend Your Preliminary Hearing

The next thing you will do is to attend your preliminary hearing. A preliminary hearing is generally the first court hearing you will have after your arrest. This hearing serves several purposes, and it might benefit you if your criminal lawyer attends with you. One of the main things you will do at this hearing is to plead not guilty. While you can choose to accept a guilty plea, you will surrender your rights by choosing this route. Instead, you should talk to your lawyer and follow their direction, which is typically to plead not guilty.

Wait for the Next Hearing

After completing the first hearing, you will have to wait for the next one. The next one might provide a chance for you to accept a plea bargain for the charges, but your lawyer will tell you what to expect. If you need counsel, look for a criminal law firm in your area to hire for help.

For more information, contact a criminal law attorney near you.


15 December 2021