Why You Need A Lawyer If You Are Declared "Inadmissible"

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To protect the United States, certain types of individuals may be considered inadmissible. This generally includes those who have a history of crime or who might be known to have engaged in terrorist activities. Also, those who have infectious diseases cannot be admitted into the United States. These conditions are known as "grounds for inadmissibility." If you are considered inadmissible, you will want to speak with an immigration attorney if you would like to enter the United States.

Special Permission

Even if you were once considered inadmissible, you may still be able to enter the United States if you receive special permission. Waivers are available for those who are suffering from certain diseases and for those who have committed certain crimes. For example, if you immigrated to the United States illegally in the past, you may be able to obtain a waiver.

Also, those who are considered likely to become public charges may be barred from the United States. For example, if the US believes that you will immediately require assistance from the US government, they may choose to bar you from entry. However, waivers are available for this form of inadmissiability. 

Other categories cannot receive waivers to enter the US. These include:

  • Espionage
  • Terrorism
  • Nazism
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug abuse

Each individual is checked before being issued a visa over whether they are considered inadmissible. 

When You Are Already Inside the United States

You may apply for different status and be declared inadmissible even if you were allowed into the United States with a different status. When applying for a new status, you are treated as if you are outside the United States even if this is not the case.

Also, if you have lived in the United States but have been outside for more than 180 days, you might be declared inadmissible when you try to reenter. Therefore, if you are concerned about your status changing if you leave the United States for an extended period, you will always want to speak with a family immigration attorney.

The Effects of Inadmissibility

You may be blocked from entering the United States, denied a green card, and denied any other type of status within the United States. However, you are always entitled to legal representation and you may be able to have your past issues sorted out or obtain a waiver so you will be able to enter the United States.


18 June 2021