How To Find The Best DUI Attorney To Defend You

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A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) arrest can be a very stressful experience. The monetary costs, loss of driving privileges, and jail time all lead to a significant impact on your life. However, hiring a qualified DUI attorney can make a big difference in how the process continues forward for you. These 3 tips can help you find the best attorney to tackle your DUI case.

1) Compile a list of possible attorneys.

It makes sense that you'll need to conduct a decent search to find an attorney who will work the best for you. There are several resources you can consult to put together a list of attorneys to call. Start with personal referrals. Ask your friends for recommendations based on lawyers that they've used in the past. If you'd like to use a more discreet search method, you can also check online for national associations of DUI and criminal defense attorneys, such as the National College of DUI Defense or the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. You should check your state's Bar Association as well. These organizations provide a directory of attorneys that specialize in defending clients in DUI cases.

2) Schedule a consultation.

As you work down your list to contact potential attorneys, ask for an in-person consultation whenever possible. Meeting with the lawyer can help answer any questions you have and confirm whether or not the attorney is right for you. Be sure to bring any documents related to your DUI with you to the meeting, including the police report and other papers that show your exact violations. Get details about the attorney's success rate with DUI cases. Ideally, you should choose a lawyer who has been able to get DUI cases dismissed and also obtained favorable outcomes in cases that did go to trial. Find out what percentage of the firm specializes in DUI defense, and ask if the attorney has attended any recent DUI lawyer seminars. Don't forget to bring paper and a pen with you to jot down notes.

3) Choose a local attorney.

During your search, you may encounter a DUI attorney in another state who has ample experience. However, a local attorney will have greater familiarity with the specific court that will handle your DUI case. The relationships and connections that a local attorney has with judges and opposing counsel that an out-of-town lawyer simply won't have could create a positive impact on your case. Furthermore, a local attorney will be well-versed in the nuances of your state's laws regarding DUI violations and be better equipped to argue your case.

Since a DUI can seriously affect your life, it's important to hire the right DUI attorney to represent you. The tips described above can help you make your decision with ease. 


11 November 2020