A Few Things Your Personal Injury Attorney Might Talk to You About When Going Over a Settlement Offer

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If you have hired a personal injury lawyer to help you with a personal injury case, then you might be waiting anxiously to receive a settlement offer. When you do receive a settlement offer from the other party's insurance company, your attorney might give you a call. They might talk to you about the settlement offer over the phone, or they might encourage you to meet them at their office so that they can talk to you about the settlement offer. These are a few things that your personal injury attorney might talk to you about when you have this conversation.

How Much Similar Settlements Are Usually For

In many cases, personal injury lawyers are familiar with how much people in similar situations are offered with their settlement offers. Your attorney might have done a lot of research about this, and there is a good chance that they have some personal experience with handling cases just like yours. When talking to you about your settlement, your attorney might tell you about what other clients of theirs have received as settlements for cases that they might think are similar to yours.

Your Opinions About the Settlement That You're Being Offered

Of course, your attorney might ask you about your opinion about the settlement offer that you have been offered. They might ask you if you think the number is fair or if you think that you should fight for a higher number.

Their Professional Opinion About Whether or Not You Should Accept the Settlement

Your attorney cannot and will not force you to accept a settlement offer in a personal injury case. However, since you probably hired the lawyer because of their expertise, you are probably hoping to get some advice from them. Typically, a personal injury lawyer will have an idea of whether or not they think you will be offered a higher settlement from the insurance company if you refuse the current one. They might also let you know whether or not they think the settlement amount that you are being offered is fair. You will probably want to take your lawyer's advice pretty seriously when it comes to this since they should be able to provide you with some pretty helpful guidance.

What You Should Do to Get a Higher Settlement Offer

Lastly, if your attorney thinks there is a chance that you will be offered a higher settlement offer, they might talk to you about steps you can take. For example, they might suggest that you gather additional documentation from your doctor about your injuries, or they might ask for more paperwork to prove your loss of income. Make sure that you follow your lawyer's advice if you want to increase your chances of being offered a higher settlement.


12 August 2020