Why Would You Need An Attorney For Your DUI Case?

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If your license is suspended because of a DUI, you need to take the matter very seriously. This is a significant legal matter that will require some work to eventually regain your driving privileges. To get your license back, you need to have a qualified DUI attorney on your case. An attorney will help you get through the process with all the proper information you need to prove your case. While you do not have to hire an attorney, it is strongly recommended you do so. Here are some things a DUI defense attorney will help you with:

Talk for You in Court

An attorney will help you tremendously by speaking on your behalf in court. You could, understandably, get emotional in the process of defending yourself. This can lead to you possibly getting out of hand and dealing with even more legal issues, including going to jail if you are hostile towards a judge. Your attorney will know exactly what to say for you in court, leaving you to sit quietly and listen.

Keep You Aware of the Events of the Case

For anyone who is not familiar with the legal process can quickly get complex and confusing. Your attorney will take on the task of deciphering all the legal terminology and explain the facts of the case so you can easily understand what is going on. When you are going through a DUI case, you do need to provide all the facts you have about the case and be honest about what happened. After you provide this information, your attorney will build a case for you, adding in all the necessary legal jargon for the court.

Let You Know About Possible Risks

While an attorney will work hard to help you get a positive outcome, he or she will tell you about what you could possibly face as a result of your DUI case. You may or may not get your driving privileges returned to you, depending on the circumstances of your case. Additionally, your attorney will advise you about what you should and should not do while you are waiting for your driving reinstatement. If you attempt to drive on a suspended license, you can suffer even more legal consequences, including time in jail.

If you choose to not work with an attorney on your DUI case, you could potentially lose your license. An attorney gives you a better chance at being able to drive again at some point in the future.


5 September 2019