Release Your Vehicle From An Impound Lot And Defend Yourself During Traffic Court

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If you park in a busy downtown area, you likely encounter situations where you are rushing to attain a parking spot so that you aren't late for work. If your vehicle was recently towed for being parked in a tow-away zone that was not clearly marked, you may still be liable for some hefty fines. Keep your cool as you attempt to get your vehicle back and defend yourself during a traffic court hearing. 

Write A Play-By-Play And Take Pictures

A summary of what occurred will assist you down the road if you plan on attending a court hearing to fight the charges brought against you. Write a play-play-play, including how you found out that your vehicle was towed away, any paperwork that was given to you, the current location of your vehicle, and the spot that you chose to park your vehicle in.

Since the tow away zone wasn't effectively marked, it will be helpful to take some pictures of the parking spot and the property surrounding it, so you can prove that you weren't provided with knowledge about the spot being off limits. 

Contact The Company That Has Impounded Your Vehicle

Obtain the name and phone number of the company that is responsible for towing your vehicle. While you are on the phone with a clerk who is employed by the towing company, be prepared to pay a fee in order to retrieve your vehicle. An impound fee increases on a daily basis, so it is imperative that you pay what is owed before the amount is too high for you to afford.

If you cannot raise the cash needed right away and need some items that are stored in your vehicle, request that you are given access to your vehicle for a few minutes, so you can collect the possessions you need. Many companies will work with the owners of vehicles as long as proof of ownership is provided. 

Use The Law In Your Favor

A traffic violation attorney is aware of the traffic laws pertaining to the state that you reside in. If they discover a loophole or that there is no way for you to be held liable due to the improperly marked parking spot, your charges could be reduced or dropped, and you may not be responsible for paying any fines.

To find out if you qualify for a reprieve, request a free consultation, and present the information pertaining to your case that you have compiled. If the attorney thinks that you have a good shot at winning, they will speak on your behalf during traffic court.

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7 May 2018