Tips For Successfully Working With Your Auto Accident Attorney To Get The Best Settlement

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When you have been involved in a serious automobile accident, it is vital that you work together with your attorney to get a fair settlement for your case. Since you have a broader understanding of your case because you have lived through it, being able to share the right information with your auto accident attorney is important for the outcome of your insurance settlement. While your lawyer is a professional and will work hard to get you the best settlement possible, they do have other cases they are working on and the time they spend with your information is limited. For this reason, to help your auto accident attorney get you the best settlement possible for your serious car accident, follow these tips:

Tip: Give Your Attorney a Written Report of Your Account of the Accident

Though your attorney will sit down with you and ask you to tell them all about what you remember about your auto accident, you will likely leave out some important things as you try to retell the story of what happened. To head this problem off before it happens, sit down and make a written report of everything you remember about your accident. Spend some time thinking about the accident and add to your report over the next few days as you remember additional things. Give a copy of this report to your attorney.

Tip: Make a Written Report of Your Injuries and All of the Medical Care You Have Received 

Since much of your accident case hinges on your physical injuries, it is important that your attorney has a clear understanding of each injury you suffered and all of the medical care you have received to date. Additionally, if your doctors have told you that future medical care will likely be needed for your injuries, you need to let your attorney know this information as well. Make a written report of your injuries and give it to your lawyer with copies of all of your medical bills, insurance statements, and co-pay receipts. 

Tip: Be Completely Open and Honest with Your Attorney 

Finally, it is very important for the success of your auto accident case that you are completely open and honest with your auto accident attorney. For example, if you have previously been convicted of a crime or have filed for bankruptcy, then you need to let your auto accident lawyer know during your initial appointment. While these issues likely are not going to be a problem for your injury case, it is important that your attorney learns about them from you rather than the insurance company.

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23 January 2017