Forget About Love And Handle Your Divorce Like A Business

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Is your marriage on the rocks? Feeling brokenhearted? You are not the only one. There were over 813,000 marriage splits in 2014 alone. The emotional pain of going through a divorce affects all involved. You may feel a failure for being unable to succeed in your love life. 

Well, much of the anxiety can be avoided if you look at marriage for what it is, or better yet, was. The fact is, you have been taught in the modern era that marriage is all about romantic love. Oh, yeah, Hollywood plays a big part in this fiction. So has the music industry with its "silly" love songs. Yes, love feels good but it is also the cause of much pain when things go bad.

Forget about love and treat your marriage/divorce as a business and you could be better off. To help you begin to rethink the situation, the following is a brief discussion of what marriage has meant to people in the past.

A Way to Progress Human Society

From the Biblical days, marriage was created to repopulate the planet. Men and women were to bond and start a family. The children would themselves do the same. Without constant propagation society would cease to exist. Humans would become an extinct species.

Formation of Alliances in a Tough World

In Medieval Europe, marriage was a means of forming alliances in a tough world. Two families would unite through the marriage rite to share resources and protect one another. The fate of whole nations could change because of the marriage between royal families. So businesslike was the arrangement that, at times, the spouses barely knew each other before the nuptials.

Source of Labor

Men and women were to get married and have children, as stated above. Once of age, the children were expected to participate in the family business, which until the 19th century, would usually be agricultural production. Children were to work, hence the more the merrier.

So what should you do now?

Realize that the concept of romantic love is a modern creation that may not be in your best interest to try to apply to your broken marriage. Instead, view the situation as an executive would a failing business arrangement. Mediate the divorce.

When a company breaks a partnership deals get struck. They may split things equitably. You need to do the same. Get an NYC divorce mediator to help you strike an amicable deal. Forget about who supposedly hurt whom and get on with life.

Above all, do not let contemporary conceptions of love ruin chances of future happiness.




23 May 2016