Get Pulled Over And Blew The Limit? Get A Lawyer Before You're Out Of Time

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If you were pulled over and charged with driving under the influence, but you think the cop targeted you and you were barely over the legal limit, it's time to hire a lawyer. If you didn't drive poorly and you felt like you were being harassed or unfairly targeted by the officer, a lawyer can help you.

You may be able to get the ticket dropped, or you may have a suit against the cop if they did things that were in the wrong. Here are a few things that could help you with your case, and that you'll want to talk with your DUI lawyer about.

Video Surveillance

Are there parking lot security cameras, traffic light recordings, or other videos that show you weren't doing anything to get pulled over, and that the cop followed you from where you pulled out of? Any video evidence that shows the cop staked you out and that you weren't driving in a way that was dangerous to yourself or to anyone in society shows that you were possibly being harassed by the police officer.

The police offer may also have a surveillance video from their car your lawyer you can put in a court order to view. If you passed all sobriety tests, then you want this tape.

Breathalyzer Machine

Did you blow into a machine and the machine showed you were on the limit or just over it? If so, you want to make sure the machine had been calibrated and was acceptable for use. The breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated so often and are tested for accuracy. If your lawyer knows you took a breathalyzer they can get ahold of the machine that you blew in to, to see when it was last calibrated and how accurate it is to help with the case. If it's expired, then the case may get dropped.

You at least want to get the case dropped from a DUI charge to a reckless operation or something that isn't has serious as a DUI. There are a lot of facts and information about the case your lawyer will study and go through to see where they can get you off the charges, or how they can dispute the case to help things go in your favor. Every minute that passes is an opportunity for evidence to get destroyed, so call a lawyer right away.

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18 December 2015