Divorced Parents: Establishing A Schedule And Communication Strategy

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When you are in the middle of a divorce, it can be very difficult to come to any resolutions with your former spouse. When children are involved, it can get even more complicated to work out the details of your separation. How you communicate can be detailed in your divorce agreement, as well as how you will handle issues that arise with the children. There are many details that you can negotiate before you are even officially divorced, and this will make parenting easier in the future. Talk to a lawyer from a firm like Law office of Kristine A. Michael, P.C. about adding provisions about the following topics to your divorce agreement.

The Custody and Visitation Schedule

When two parents want to share equal custody of the children, it is necessary to set up a visitation schedule right away. The quicker you can get a schedule in place, the easier it will be for your children to adjust to their new lifestyle. This schedule should be followed as much as possible to keep the children in a predictable pattern of visitation. If changes in custody or visitation need to be made, it's important to try to negotiate these changes if possible.

Planning for Holidays and Birthdays

While it may be easy to say each parent will get every other holiday, what constitutes a holiday can be different for each individual. If the children are little, holidays such as Halloween can be quite important, yet one parent may miss out because it is simply not their scheduled day. Birthdays are also important, and should not be left up to the visitation schedule. Think about the times you spend with your children throughout the year, and the dates that are important so that you can come up with a realistic holiday, birthday and special day schedule with your ex spouse.

Online Calendars, Email and Texting

When two people have difficulty communicating, it is easier to communicate through text and email because this leaves a trail. When one parent becomes irate or unreasonable, it is clear in what they have to write to the other party. When two people communicate by telephone, it is easier to misunderstand each other or to say things that are hurtful. One way many parents keep track of busy schedules is to follow an online calendar where both parents can add doctor's appointments, school schedules, sports, dancing school and more. This is an effective tool for parents who prefer to communicate electronically.

Parenting after a divorce isn't easy, but when both parents commit to the needs of the children, it is possible to raise happy, healthy children together.


28 October 2015