5 Instances Where Child Support Modification Is Warranted

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Going through a divorce is one thing, but dealing with visitation orders from the court is another. Many people assume that the orders are set in stone when done, but that isn't the case. There are times when the orders need to be modified after the judgment is said and done. Regardless of whether you are looking for a modification of your child support order, custody order, visitation order or spousal support order, you have options available to you. Explore some of the common reasons why you might need to have your orders changed with the court.

Changes in your work schedule.

Even though you might not be the custodial parent, that doesn't mean you don't have rights. If you recently had to change your work schedule, you still deserve to spend time with your children. When your new schedule starts interfering with your time alone with the kids, you need to petition the judge to have the order changed.

Children have their own preferences.

There might be an instance where children want to start spending time with one parent over the other. It might be that they are simply growing older and need that parent in their life more for stability and advice, or it could simply be that they prefer one individual over the other. This could be a reason to have your order changed. 

The custodial parent isn't being responsible.

If the custodial parent isn't getting the child to school when they need to be there or making sure they have the proper clothes to wear to school, or is struggling with substance abuse problems and so on, the child needs to be put into a safe environment where they can grow and learn.

The non-custodial parent ended up moving to be closer to the other parent.

If the parents are now living closer to one another, it makes sense that the parenting time should change when compared to when the other party was living hours away.

The parent is looking to relocate.

If the custodial parent is relocating to an area outside of where the child has lived all along, the case will need to be modified accordingly to make sure that both parties still get their due time with the children.

Regardless of what the situation might be, the good thing is that nothing is set in stone. There are plenty of options available to you, provided you know how to address the situation from the right angle and with proper representation from a trusted lawyer, such as Fraser Legal PC.


11 December 2014