Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Colloidal Silver Nightmare

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Colloidal silver sounded like a dream come true, but now you're dealing with horrible skin discoloration. You've learned your lesson about doing more research before taking health supplements you buy online, but what can you do at this point? You have to pay doctor bills not only for the health disorder you were trying to cure with colloidal silver, but also for treating these new side effects. Contact a personal injury lawyer for assistance. This attorney may file suit against the manufacturer or supplier of the substance. 

Problems with Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is connected with several serious side effects. In addition to the skin discoloration—medically known as argyria—you could have:

  • chronic headaches
  • chronic fatigue
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • kidney dysfunction
  • liver damage 

If you haven't done so yet, getting a thorough medical exam to check for kidney or liver problems is essential. 

About Argyria Treatment

Medically, the bluish-gray skin discoloration that can develop from taking colloidal silver is not considered a serious physical health issue, meaning it's not life-threatening or physically debilitating. However, it's a definitive mental health issue, as people with the condition find argyria upsetting and embarrassing. 

Getting treatment will likely be considered cosmetic and not covered by health insurance. Treatment is expensive and there's no guarantee it will work. Potential solutions might involve a combination of: 

  • chelation or other cleansing protocols to remove metal accumulation in the body
  • application of topical hydroquinone cream
  • laser skin therapy

What Lawyers Do in These Cases

Many personal injury lawyers are no strangers to the problem of colloidal silver. The lawyer you consult determines whether you have a good case in which to file suit against the manufacturer or supplier of the products you purchased.

You may deserve financial compensation for your argyria treatment and other medical bills related to colloidal silver. In a settlement demand, the lawyer will address aspects such as pain and suffering, the negative impact on your social and professional life, and emotional trauma. Payment for psychological counseling would also be reasonable.

What Can You Do Now?

Contact a personal injury attorney, such as Carroll & Turner PSC, for a free case evaluation. Bring along your relevant medical records, the names of the colloidal silver products you bought, and any receipts you have showing where you purchased these supplements. If you do have a good case and you want to hire this lawyer, you won't have to pay upfront fees. Instead, you'll pay a percentage of the settlement or the court award set by a jury if the case goes to trial.


10 December 2014